CCI in Africa

Meet creative ecosystem from Africa !
CCI in Africa
CCI in Africa
Meet creative ecosystem from Africa !

The place

Creative Village



Hours and dates

  • Oct 26 from 10am to 6pm
KIKK Festival
Africa in Colors

The CCI IN AFRICA Pavilion will be a multi-disciplinary platform for networks and projects in Africa in the cultural, media, artistic and creative, technological, film and virtual reality sectors. In partnership with WBI, Africa In Colors and Africalia.

    CCI in Africa


    Kunta Content

    We build great African games. We are currently working on HIRU, a Maasai-inspired 3D Video Game for consoles & PC. We immerse the player in the landscapes, beauty & culture of Africa as never seen before. Our vision for HIRU is to inspire cultural conversation, similar to Black Panther, Money Heist & Squid Game.

    HIRU is the teenage son of a Maasai king. He is out herding cattle with his brother & stumbles upon poachers hunting an elephant herd. He protects the elephants successfully and goes back home to find the poachers attacking his village as revenge. While fighting, he is knocked out & wakes up to find his village destroyed, his family & clan killed & his sister kidnapped by the poachers. The gameplay is focused on intense combat, strong narrative and discovery within the environment. Players will experience the people, animals and culture of Africa.

    We have signed groundbreaking partnerships with Minecraft, Xbox & Microsoft as one of the few African studios to do so. We have also received support from Ubisoft, Epic Games & Steam


    We are an Afrofuturism audio-visual duo from Kampala, Uganda called SCARLET-IZAYA that use generative art to tell African stories. A combination of two artistes : iZAYA THE COMPOSER and SCARLETT MOTIFF.

    We have independently had successful showcases of our work all over the globe including festivals and showcases in Riyadh, Morocco, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Kigali…   Our latest collaborative audio-visual work is titled NEGATIVE TIME: A story about the African interpretation of time.

    Association Culture Ensemble

    We are an umbrella organisation for cultural entrepreneurs in the Republic of Guinea. The network comprises 77 CCIs operating in various fields of activity in Guinea’s cultural and creative ecosystem. We work primarily to promote and structure CCIs and to professionalise the arts professions. We also implement and support initiatives developing digital solutions applied to culture. Our interest in taking part in this year’s event is to broaden our field of action and develop new partnerships in order to increase our country’s visibility and positioning.

    Arkwood Entertainment

    Arkwood Entertainment Share Company will hopefully revolutionise the Ethiopian film industry by creating an online broadcast channel called Arkwood. This channel will broadcast films to online consumers and target the Ethiopian diaspora. It has also created a revenue mechanism by monetising the creative output of filmmakers, producers and the film industry in general.


    Founder Family

    Founder Family is a multi-platform organization curating, aggregating and developing key actions for inclusive growth in the Euro-African area.

    For the last 10 years, Founder family has been identifying passionate top-notch experts aligned with our core values : sharing, multiculturalism, respect, excellence and transmission.

    MOCA – Movement Of Creative Africas

    MOCA, Movement Of Creative Africas, is a platform for African Cultural and Creative Industries and the Diaspora. Since 2016, MOCA has been promoting creativity and cultural entrepreneurship by bringing together artists, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from this ecosystem.

    MOCA has become an essential platform, bringing together every year creators, cultural and digital entrepreneurs and political and economic decision-makers from Africa, Europe and the rest of the world around the challenges, opportunities and innovations offered by this sector of activity.

    Through the mobilization of a network of recognized experts alongside reference actors (Ministry of Culture, AFD, IF, Unifrance, Sacem…) the MOCA participates in the viability of the ecosystem of African creative and cultural industries by supporting the professionalization and development of markets.


    Unanimous Games is a full service eSports company bridging the gap between the eSports industry and the entertainment world. Our mission is to give an amplified voice to an underrepresented community of gaming enthusiasts (casual & extreme). Not only are we providing an elevated gaming experience on the front end, our aim is to provide every gamer within our ecosystem the opportunity to explore the business of eSports on the back end.

    BlackRhino VR

    Founded in 2015, we see ourselves as agents of change accelerating the adoption of immersive technologies in Africa by empowering the youth to be the XR innovators and inventors of the future. As creative technologists, we leverage XR knowledge to expand opportunities for significant socio-economic and cultural growth among the youth that will help create jobs, reduce poverty, and contribute to overcoming our continent’s development challenges.

    BSG Ltd – Bright Saving Group

    Our company offers services integrating investments with technology to provide new and improved platforms to youth cooperatives, businesses, and individuals in Rwanda and across Africa. So far, BSG offers three categories of investment portfolios : ROI, Target, and BSG Individual Fund Portfolios.

    We want to present the opportunities in Africa for storytelling and how digital arts can help young entrepreneurs in Rwanda and across the continent to build and sell their brands. Therefore, we will explore where/whom we can collaborate to bring digital storytelling to our scale.

    Africa Metaverse

    We are a digital platform that aims to promote African cultural heritage and bring African countries together around an African virtual ecosystem. Our platform offers an innovative experience based on education and entertainment, for the discovery of African history and cultural wealth.

    CCI in Africa
    CCI in Africa