L’Effet Québec

For the second year running, a Quebec delegation initiated by Xn Québec will be on hand to forge new business links!
For the second year running, a Quebec delegation initiated by Xn Québec will be on hand to forge new business links!

The place

Creative Village



Hours and dates

  • Oct 26 from 10am to 6pm

Schedule : L’Effet Québec at the Creative Village
Thursday 26 October from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday 27 October from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

With over thirty studios, creators and professionals in digital creativity, Quebec will shine brightly during the 4 days of programming offered by the KIKK Festival. You won’t be left out in the cold when we mix the digital arts and creative industries in a creative lab, explore the relationship between sound and light, and create digital sound, music and visuals !

L’Effet Québec will be presenting a number of events to promote meetings and business partnerships for Quebec creative and digital companies.

1. A talk : L’Effet Québec : Immersive installations & large-scale public projects with speakers from SAT, MUTEK, Ottomata and Transversal.

2. Its networking cocktail party will be held on Thursday 26 October, from 4.30 to 6pm. Registration required via this link.

3. Quebec will also be proudly represented at KIKK in Town with Martin Messier‘s Cycles and Navid Navab‘s Aquaphoneia.

4. And finally, two innovative digital workshops : the first with Vincent Brault (SAT) on Storytelling for Immersive Experiences and the second, Building Beyond the Virtual : Amplified Interactive Experiences with Marie Martineau (Moment Factory).

The mission to the KIKK Festival is organised by Effet Québec, an initiative of Xn Québec. The event receives financial support from the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), the Canada Media Fund, Investissement Québec International, the City of Montreal, Québec numérique and the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ). It is produced with the support of the Délégation générale du Québec à Bruxelles.




    The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a living creative laboratory where the tangible meets the improbable. With its triple mission as an art centre, training centre and research centre, the SAT was created to support a new generation of creators/researchers in the digital age.


    TRANSVERSAL is a creative studio and non-profit organisation founded by Hamie Robitaille and Ganesh Baron Aloir. They create conceptual and transdisciplinary experiments that seek to respond to contemporary issues through design.

    14 lieux

    Exploring the relationship between sound and matter, the “14 lieux” company is home to the singular creations of digital artist Martin Messier.14 lieux creates works where sound, robotics and image meet, in the form of performances, installations and creations with choreographic overtones.


    MUTEK se dédie à la présentation de musique électronique live et à la performance audiovisuelle en temps réel, ainsi que la production de contenu VR. Il s’agit d’un organisme dédié à la diffusion, à la promotion, à la production et au développement des formes émergentes de la création numérique sonore, musicale et visuelle.


    Ottomata is an experiential design technology studio specialising in the design of immersive, headphone-less journeys in which people are led to reconnect with the present moment. Using a variety of technologies such as architectural projections, performance lasers, holographic processes and motion capture technologies, it is possible to place people at the centre of the scenario and engage them in a rich and exciting way.


    Hubblo is an innovative company whose mission is to create the first centre dedicated exclusively to 360° works (Fulldôme), immersive installations, interactive experiences and virtual and augmented reality.

    Québec Numérique

    Québec numérique helps the digital community grow and shine by creating innovative environments that bring together, support and train digital creators and users. By creating impact projects, Québec numérique encourages the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge between digital creators and users.

    Après minuit

    Après minuit is an artistic creation studio specialising in immersive art and installations. They help artists to develop and create immersive work.

    Archiv VR

    Archiv VR is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage by archiving exhibitions, cultural events, shows and artistic performances. Using virtual reality, they perpetuate unique moments of culture by immersing themselves in old exhibitions.


    Paysages is a multimedia creation studio specialising in the production of audio, video, immersive and contemplative sound experiences. Founded in 2020 by sound artist Charles Montambault and video artist Daniel Robinson, Paysages favours ambient media and their soothing effects. Their creations highlight the atmospheric identity of a space or environment to encourage a reconnection with our surroundings.

    Collectif Créatif

    Founded 3 years ago by Julie, Collectif Créatif is made up of UX/UI designers, developers, photographers, motion designers, branding specialists, strategists, copywriters and videographers. Together, they offer services that meet the needs of agencies, startups and companies in all types of business fields.


    Hub numérique is an organisation founded by Sporobole to provide access to the resources and expertise needed for the digital transformation of the not-for-profit cultural sector.


    LOJIQ – Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec, a government agency, is a group of international youth mobility organisations. It opens up the world to young adults, creates opportunities for them to develop their talents and offers one of the best youth mobility resources in the world.

    Nouveau Monde

    As a creator of collaborations and digital outreach, NMP specialises in the ideation of concepts and the production of ethical multimedia content designed to inform, inspire and mobilise audiences. Its mission: to impart knowledge by uniting the various agents of change and creative talent around ethical digital projects that are part of an approach based on education, social inclusion and collective justice.

    Olivia Faye-Lathuillière (Equivoc)

    Olivia-Faye Lathuillière creates installations and sound sculptures, gradually moving on to the performing arts. The body, the moving object and the ephemeral are all concepts that emerge systematically from her plastic and stage work.

    Studio N.A.M.E.

    This digital arts collective, represented by Mélina Manolias, Mathieu Ramananarivo, Julien Lassignardie and Nadim Souaid, uses a variety of media: LEDs, lasers, moving lights, 2D and 3D visuals.

    Synapse C

    Synapse C is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and share expertise in the use of data for the arts and culture in Quebec and Canada. It is recognised as a Centre of Digital Excellence in Quebec.


    Video Phase is the fruit of a partnership between two creative musicians, Julien-Robert and Julien Compagne. Their shared idea is to develop a new artistic form combining music, video and technology in a single object. Through their use of technology, they aim to give their audiences more than just a concert – they want to give them a truly multi-sensory experience.

    Vivid Memory studio

    Vivid Memory Studios is a technology start-up that aspires to become the MTV of virtual reality. It is a creative studio that develops and distributes interactive physical and virtual musical universes in collaboration with musical artists.

    Louis-Olivier Desmarais

    As a sound artist, Louis-Olivier likes to play with sound in all its forms: musical composition, installation, radio, music to image. He is particularly interested in the relationship between sound and spirituality, spatialization and the collection of intimate human voices.

    Paolo Almario

    Almario’s work explores the relationship between the individual and architectural space. Paolo comes to art through the digital technologies that are increasingly present in our lives, infiltrating the fabric of reality to modify our way of being, acting and thinking. He creates layered amalgams of pixelated units that aim for an image/machine or man/machine encounter in devices, developing a discourse on systems and their digitisation.

    Mélanie Chadenet-Valin

    She’s been working in the web industry for nearly 15 years, and has been a volunteer for the Web à Québec event for around 10 years. Last year, during her sabbatical, she worked on the redesign of the Musée de la civilisation’s website, which gave her the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of culture mixed with the digital world.

    L'Effet Québec
    L'Effet Québec