Wallonia-Brussels Booth

Come and discover the know-how of Wallonia and Brussels.
Pavillon Wallon
Pavillon Wallon
Come and discover the know-how of Wallonia and Brussels.

The place

Creative Village



Hours and dates

  • Oct 26 from 10am to 6pm

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October

French-speaking Belgium is bursting with creative talent: come and meet them at the Pavillon Wallonie-Bruxelles at the KIKK festival on 26 and 27 October! Creative studios, technology companies working with and for the sector, creative agencies and digital artists are all at the heart of the festival’s pro area. From interactive communication to special effects, from immersive multimedia experiences to storytelling, from museum mediation to scenography, from edtech to video games, from new-generation film production made possible by real-time engines to web3 tools, the cultural and creative industries made in Wallonia Brussels cover a vast field and are the soft power of our territory on the international stage.

You can discover : XR Intelligence / Benuts / Hovertone / Magic Loom studio / Soundshape / Popul-AR / Edugames / Lapino Albino / Learnence et Eventshub / Magicstreet / Okus Lab / Demute / Kascen / Walchain / Voz Monique / Magicowl production / The Flying fish / Owlion / Magic Monkey / Cortex-Machina

And because this industry thrives on talent and technical skills, you’ll be able to meet some of the key players in ICC training in Wallonia (HEAJ, Technocité, UCLouvain) at the PWB.

More than just a showcase, the Wallonia-Brussels Pavilion is a gateway to several networking evenings with the other festival delegations and to the “Friends Room”, a B-to-B conference space 100% dedicated to professionals working in the CCI sector to develop their network and knowledge of aid and support for the development of creative businesses in Wallonia and Brussels (free access). Focus on :

Financing cultural and creative entrepreneurial projects with St’art Invest (talk in french) – 26/10 at 11:50 am

Inspiring ICC career paths and the ecosystem in Wallonia and Brussels (talk in french) – 27/10 at 3:20 pm

How creative tech can be a lever for growth and the reinvention of traditional industrial sectors (talk in french) – 27/10 at 4:20 pm

An initiative made possible thanks to Awex, WBI, Feder En mieux, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Digital Wallonia, with the support of Wallonia, the Agence du Numérique, Wallonie Bruxelles Design Mode and the EEN Network, in collaboration with Start Invest, Stereopsia, Walga & Meet+Build, Technocité, the Media innovation & intelligibility Lab at UCLouvain & the HiTT consortium, La Grand Poste, Wallifornia Music Tech, the Haute école Albert Jacquard, Wallimage and the Twist cluster.



    XRintelligence enables organisations to gain a competitive advantage now and in the future. By harnessing the power of XR, they enable businesses to create compelling experiences, transforming the way they interact with their customers, train their employees and present their products or services. With its expertise in immersive content and commitment to delivering exceptional results, XRintelligence remains a trusted partner for businesses looking to harness the potential of XR technology in the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.


    For 10 years, benuts has been a creative centre for visual effects for film, television, set design and advertising. Benuts specialises in compositing, matte painting, special effects, motion design, credits creation, photorealistic 3D, Houdini FX, on-set supervision, concept and art direction. The benuts team combines a wide range of talents, from animators and illustrators to videographers, matte painters, graphic artists, designers and art directors. This enables us to offer a unique creative solution tailored to each project. Benuts is built around executive producers and VFX supervisors, leads and graphic designers. Our offices can accommodate up to 60 artists. Project management and coordination are handled by the VFX coordinators. They are the link between production, post-production and the benuts team.


    Hovertone is first and foremost a team of designers of tangible interactive experiences. We work with you to reinvent your audience’s experience in order to provoke emotion and spark interaction. In a world saturated with information, it’s becoming difficult to reach the public and create a strong relationship with visitors or users. But as Seth Godin says: “People don’t buy goods or services, they buy relationships, stories and magic”. That’s our job: to take people into your story, arouse emotion and create memories that make people want to share them. We do this by building bridges between the physical and digital worlds. We believe that digital technologies can completely redefine the way we interact with the world around us, and we invent and build these unique interactive experiences. For us, success is when the technology plays its part, but disappears behind the story being told. The ingredients for success: understanding new technologies and having identified their potential for different types of use, being able to translate these potentialities into a dialogue with creative people in the design of experiences, and mastering the concrete and rapid use of these technologies. And of course, keeping the user at the centre of our concerns.

    Magic Loom

    Magic Loom operates a virtual production studio (equipped with LED screens) and offers associated services (previews + technical services on shoots), as well as a professional training centre. Magic Loom has integrated technologies from the world of gaming into audiovisual production, with real-time engines that enable a totally innovative approach to filming: this means that different elements and digital visual effects can be viewed and manipulated much earlier in the filming process, so post-production teams can get involved earlier in the filming process, with the added bonus of speeding up and simplifying the work of visual effects artists, directors and cast members. Magic Loom has moved into the Dreamwall facilities (800m²).


    We have a unique approach: we start with the sound. Our working method facilitates briefing, client exchanges and drastically reduces the number of versions for all types of video projects.


    PopulAR is a global ecosystem powered by a Belgian limited company with employees all over the world. We believe that reality technologies such as augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality will eventually become fundamental layers on which the company will rely massively to operate. An exciting future that we are helping to build with two businesses focused on facilitating the creation of meaningful content using these tools: PopulAR Studio is an award-winning XR studio offering production, research, consultancy and education services. This activity has given us an in-depth knowledge of the virtual reality industry which, combined with our desire to establish sound values in this fast-growing space, has given rise to PopulAR Planets: a global community dedicated to virtual reality creation that brings together more than 35,000 virtual reality creators.

    Ma Balise, NFC & QR marketing platform

    Lapino Albino

    Lapino Albino is an audiovisual production company. We turn any message or communication into a video worth watching. Our skills and expertise come from years of experience in creating promotional and marketing videos. On several occasions, 2014, 2015, 2017, we have been recognised for our work at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards. And we want more. Which is why we don’t settle for mediocre, but focus on excellence to make the world a more beautiful place through beautiful communication. Making videos with an extra touch! That’s our mantra. We believe it’s possible to make a great video out of any subject! All Lapinos are audiovisual storytellers with the know-how to create exciting videos, animations or eye-catching motion design. After all, your audience only remembers you if they’re hooked on your video. We all enjoy watching good films with compelling stories, so why should your target audience be any different?

    Learnence + eventshub

    Based in the heart of Europe, between Brussels and Namur, Learnence Srl is active in the production of interactive videos. Interactive video aims to go beyond the linear model of passive content consumption. It involves and engages the viewer, the web user. Our productions add significant value in terms of E-learning content (Serious Games, Rapid Learning, MOOCs, Webcasting, webinars), video events (multi-camera, live streaming, social network interactions) and the development of marketing, corporate or traditional communication video projects. Since 2009, our team has been doing its utmost to develop in-house technologies or to combine and divert (where appropriate) existing technologies in order to find the most effective way of meeting our customers’ needs. Our mission is to find the solution and make the improbable a reality. That’s where we come close to the work of alchemists!


    We create rich and meaningful experiences for the public using interactive and multimedia technologies. Indoors, we propose the creation of interactive and multimedia experiences in interior spaces, the integration of new technologies in furniture design, the use of cartography and video projectors as rich light sources offer a multitude of possibilities for creating unique and dynamic atmospheres. Outdoors, interactive and multimedia projects can be designed as powerful tools for communicating with large audiences in urban spaces, enhancing or revitalising areas often neglected by urban planning and development. Finally, on stage, we provide an innovative type of service that we call ‘interactive dramaturgy’, which uses new technologies to offer the spectator a new experience.

    Okus Lab

    Manu Di Martino is a choreographer and multimedia visual artist. In his youth, he was introduced to movement, first through skateboarding and then through martial arts. Two paths opened up to him: science and dance. At the age of 30, he decided to devote himself entirely to the art of movement. He founded the OKUS LAB creation and development studio to disseminate his projects and promote his collaborations. Through a series of projects and choreographic encounters, he created a body development method called “OKUS FOKUS”, based on imposing constraints on the dancer’s movements, which in turn generates renewed spontaneity and a liberation of movement. Manu Di Martino is personally learning to use 3D software and his projects are currently focusing on virtual immersion (VR). The OKUS Immersive FOKUS project is currently being developed in collaboration with Poolpio (a Brussels-based studio for the creation of immersive content).


    Demute is a sound studio specializing in video games and led cultural experiences. More specifically, the Brussels-based studio’s team handles the entire ‘sound’ vertical of video game projects, from the creation of the main sounds (the dragon belching, the plane crashing…) to the programming of triggers in the game engine, so that the right sound is audible at the right time, not forgetting the music and all the hidden sounds (wind, acceleration noises…).



    Voz Monique

    Magicowl Production

    The FLying Fish