Elias Heuninck & Emi Kodama

The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago

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Espace Saintraint



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  • From 10am to 6pm daily

Heuninck uses self-built sensors and machines to explore contemporary landscape registrations. He keeps the processes simple and transparent, using computers and machines for their precision and repetitive nature. The results can be intricate and surprising, as the transitions between space and data evoke a sense of wonder.

Heuninck draws on the aesthetics of scientific images and integrates the technical aspects of digital image creation in his practice. Using a variety of media, his works consistently touch on the material of film and the notion of cinema. He gently disorients the observer by changing perspective in space, on paper, or in a digital data file.

Elias Heuninck

The Archipelago

The objects presented in this video installation were found as stowaways in a 3D printer. Excess wax and resin are deposited in a drawer at the bottom of the printer. Molten waste material, solidified and clumped together when cooled, are ancient stalagmites in a high-tech machine. Because they were objects without intent nor a digital source file, they were given both. The surfaces were 3D-scanned and scaled to become immaterial islands in the video.

The image of the island was created for the white surfaces of the objects through the story, and viewers can project their imagination onto it. This work transforms objects into a cinematic experience and tests the various states in which an object can reside. From the physical, across the mental, to the digital. Wax, bytes, a script, and light. And so the objects, in view of each other yet separate, long to travel through appearances and states of matter.

Credits :

Writing and narration : Emi Kodama
Video : Elias Heuninck
Music : 1-100 by Michael Nyman, performed by a computer

Thanks to :
– Simon Baetens
– Anouk De Clercq
– Jerry Galle
– Stefaan Quix
– Pieter Vereertbruggen
– Lisa Wilkens

Produced by :
– Werktank
– Flemish Community

The Archipelago is part of Tools For Things And Ideas, a research project at KASK & Conservatorium which is financed by the HOGENT Arts Research Fund.

The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago
The Archipelago