Zoetrope (BE)

Smart Art Frame powered by AI.
Smart Art Frame powered by AI.

The place

KIKK Market



Hours and dates

  • From 10am to 6pm daily

Zoetrope is a business delivering futuristic smart art frames: square screens encased in a wooden frame that allow owners to generate their own artwork with the help of generative artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to decorate your home with wonderful digital frames that showcase your own, beautiful, AI-powered creations. The smart art frames are controlled by user gestures captured through an edge AI camera, and voice captured with a hidden microphone.

Zoetrope is Brice Le Blevennec new venture. He is the founder of Emakina (now an EPAM company), Host of CyberCafe TV/Radio Show, Author or Vision of a Better World (Lannoo, 2022).


Zoetrope - Smart Art Frame powered by AI

Unleash your inner artist and turn your own home into a personalised art gallery with the exceptional Zoetrope, world’s first smart art frame.

The first editions of Zoetrope, the Alpha Series, allow users to generate their own generative AI artwork pieces using only their voice and gestures.

The design features a stylish 33-inch screen encased in a beautifully crafted wooden frame made in Belgium.