Mycocaster is an electric guitar that embodies innovation at the intersection of sustainability and music. Crafted from a blend of mycelium, agricultural by-products such as corn husks, and recycled pressed paper, this guitar is a testament to our commitment to reducing wood consumption. Patent pending and trademarked, Mycocaster stands as a pioneering solution in eco-conscious music instrument design.

Rachel Rosenkrantz is a French luthier and designer based in New England, who handcrafts unique stringed instruments, combining the traditional and the new, exploring and inventing techniques while bringing a unique perspective to a traditional idiom with a strong focus on sustainability and, in particular, biomaterials. Her understanding of construction through her industrial design years in the innovation departments of major companies as well as her knowledge of music are two strong assets forming a stable backbone to her current art-making of string instruments.

Rosenkrantz’s work has been included in Phaidon’s “The Shape of Sound” by Ultan Guilfoyle, and has been exhibited in Paris at Le Carrousel du Louvre at the “European ways of Life”. She has presented a gallery talk at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for “Play it Loud”, and has been featured in Anthony Bourdain’s “Raw Craft” as well as Autodesk’s “My Design Mind”.
When not at her workbench, Rachel teaches Spatial Design at the Experimental and Foundation Studies division at the Rhode Island School of Design, and does research at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the Guitar Innovation Lab.

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Atelier Rosenkrantz
Atelier Rosenkrantz Atelier Rosenkrantz Atelier Rosenkrantz Atelier Rosenkrantz Atelier Rosenkrantz Atelier Rosenkrantz
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