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Sebastian Schmieg investigates the algorithmic circulation of images, texts, and bodies. He creates playful interventions that penetrate the shiny surfaces of our networked society and explore the realities that lie behind them. Schmieg works in a wide range of media including video, website, installation, artist book, custom software, lecture performance, delivery service, and game show.
Schmieg studied at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin. His work has been exhibited internationally at Kunsthalle Zürich, KW Berlin, The Photographers’ Gallery London, HEK Basel, and Chronus Art Center Shanghai. Schmieg is a professor for interface design at HTW Dresden. He is based in Berlin.

talk topic

What if generative AI is an MMORPG?

When we talk about generative AI, we tend to talk about the images, videos and texts that are generated. In this talk, however, I would like to focus on those who sit in front of the computers and operate the interfaces. What happens to them? I would like to suggest looking at them as participants in an MMORPG, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In this multiplayer world, they not only generate images, videos and texts, but also play certain roles, pursue goals, develop strategies - and move in an environment whose rules they barely understand and cannot influence. What does this do to them? Is it all just a game? And who wins?

  • AI
  • Art
  • Critical Thinking
Digital Wallonia
Sebastian Schmieg
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