Art Exhibition


An art journey
throughout Namur

KIKK invades the whole city with an art exhibition. Discover the city in a different way thanks to this journey including monumental and interactive installations.

Entrance fee 5€ for the entire trail (free for children under 16).

Event Time:
10:00 - 18:00
24th - 27th October
Can we still believe in visuals?


Can we distinguish between true and false in the digital age and the development of generative AI?

In an era dominated by deepfakes and generative AI, the reliability of our sensory perceptions comes into question. We find ourselves immersed in a post-truth society where the line between reality and illusion is increasingly blurred. Advanced technologies inundate our news feeds with unverifiable speculation, often originating from anonymous algorithms.
Our online presence has become a meticulously curated representation—a manifestation of the "selfie society." Social networks thrive on self-promotion and the relentless pursuit of validation through likes and followers. The content we consume and create is standardized, shaped by influencers and algorithms, creating a disjunction between our digital personas and authentic identities.
At this year's KIKK festival, we embark on an exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of digital deception. Beyond addressing the political and activist implications of phenomena like fake news and algorithmic manipulation, the festival invites contemplation on the illusions and perceptions that manipulate our senses. Through immersive installations and provocative artworks, visitors are challenged to interrogate their perceptions and confront the malleability of reality. The festival promises a journey through the digital realm, where binary codes blend truth and falsehood, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of truth.
Our own online presence is akin to self-promotion, where we reveal ourselves at our best on the many networks. Welcome to the selfie society! It's no longer the content of what's said that counts, but the flow of hits and clicks, no matter if it's humans behind them.

This year, the KIKK festival plunges to the heart of the questions posed by a society increasingly governed by algorithms. What are the challenges posed by AI in a world where data is the new Eldorado? How do we find our way in a world where images are increasingly smooth and standardized, where opinions are polarized and extremes valorized?

A journey to the heart of the digital world, where 1s and 0s, truths and falsities, mix and mingle, raising the question of our perception.

the Exhibits

Stellar Scape

Stellar Scape

Le Pavillon exhibition

KIKK’s new exhibition at Le Pavillon will focus on astronomy and space exploration.

From the atomic fragment to the universal whole, the Stellar Scape exhibition brings together some twenty international artists, researchers and engineers to explore the imaginary world of astronomy and the revival of space adventures. Through art installations, immersive environments, scientific innovations and speculative projects, we experience this expanding starry landscape, a mirror of the cosmic link that connects us in a single space to all those things that appear not only as they are, but also as they could be.

Stellar Scape Exhibits


An art journey throughout Namur

Different indoor & outdoor locations all around the city of Namur (includes access to Le Pavilllon exhibition “Stellar Scape”).

10:00 AM- 6:00 PM for the duration of the festival, 24 - 27th of October.

Exhibition pass

Exhibition pass

An art journey throughout Namur
  • Access to installations across Namur
  • Access to Le Pavillon exhibition 'Stellar Scape'
*Free under 16. Included in all passes.
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Buy tickets here, or by card at the exhibition site of your choice, where you will receive your wristband : Grand Manège, Coworking Namur, Le Delta, La Bourse or Le Pavillon. Tickets can only be purchased in cash at La Bourse.
5€ from 16 years old
(Included in all passes)
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Immerse yourself
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