For professionals, students & curious minds.

KIKK Pro is a professional space specifically designed to facilitate relaxed networking and create new opportunities.

Event Time:
10:00 - 18:00
24th - 27th October
(Closes 4:00 PM, Sun 27th)
Creative Village
Creative village & B2B
The "Creative Village" is the festival's central location, bringing together KIKK Market where innovative ideas are exhibited, the networking area, the press area, a bar and the networking area accessible only to professionals.
This is also where you'll meet the cream of the crop of the creative ecosystems from several countries and regions visiting the festival.
Creative Village
Networking application
An app is also available to put you in touch and help you prepare for your visit in Namur, so as to encourage inspiring exchanges. You can download it here.
It's also (and above all?) a chance to catch up on the latest trends in this ever-changing digital world, with over 35 talks about creative coding, data 
visualization, artificial intelligence, branding and strategy, VR/AR, bioart, design, research and more.
Workshops & Masterclasses
KIKK’s workshops are an opportunity for participants to discover new technologies, techniques and develop your skills. Organized on the side of the festival, workshops vary from a few hours to a full day.
International delegations
The opportunity to meet international professionals via the foreign delegations present at the Festival. An incredible opportunity to expand your network.
KIKK your career
KIKK will also be putting you in touch with job seekers and students, giving you a unique opportunity to meet your potential future talents in an inspiring setting that encourages casual discussions.
What The Frame
The Market is the place to discover the unique and innovative projects of talented Belgian and international entrepreneurs. On the program: a selection of innovative objects to try out before anyone else.
Because KIKK is also undoubtedly a fun atmosphere, we are inviting you to several shows and parties. On the menu: live music, audio-visual shows, DJ sets and glitter!
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