Borja Martinez


Borja Martinez is the founder & Creative director of Lo Siento since 2007.

Lo Siento Studio is a graphic design studio located in Barcelona, Spain, founded in 2007 by Borja Martínez. Lo Siento Studio's philosophy is based on creativity, innovation and constant experimentation. Their multidisciplinary approach allows them to explore different fields of design, such as branding, illustration, packaging and art direction, among others. The studio has an artisanal approach, where the designer's hand plays a vital role in the creation and production of their work. Each project is treated in a unique way, with special attention to detail and originality. Over the years, ‘Lo Siento Studio’ has worked with world-renowned brands such as The Washington Post, José Andrés Group, Mammafiore, Adidas, Audi, Disfrutar (Best rest in the world 2024) and Pilma among others. In addition, their work has been awarded by important design associations and media. In short, Lo Siento Studio is a highly creative graphic design studio committed to finding innovative ways to communicate and connect with the public, through surprising designs with a handcrafted approach and care in every detail. Borja Martinez has been a member of AGI since 2016 and ADG-FAD since 2010. Artisan Intelligence since 2007.

talk topic

The Sensitive Panorama

We look back on our work and show the processes that have led us to achieve certain results. A walk through the way we make, conceptualise and design in a tactile and fundamentally manual space, where artisan and digital processes are mixed together. We place special emphasis on the volumetric and physical typographic creation from our workshop as well as communicating how we think and how we create the final pieces of the projects we do.

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